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Every thing begins and ends with design, it is the place where we transform ideas into reality, from a scribble on a pad to a finished job. Great design not only has to look good but also has to function well across print media, signage, packaging, and throughout all digital media. ZeDDD has many years of experience in all of these fields and will provide your business with a comprehensive design strategy with clear guidelines and resources for your new image.

Design is at the heart of everything, often we judge a book by its cover before we even know anything about it, good design for your business will help customers perceive your business or product in the right way. ZeDDD has many years of print media design experience and understands the functional requirements of branding across all medias. A good quality design needs to be simple and easy to re-produce while conveying your businesses ideals to your customers. ZeDDD has primarily come from a traditional design print background with years of developing customer branding, brochures, business cards, signage and more recently digital media design. ZeDDD will work with your business to find the best solution for your print and digital requirements. 


The strange shaped roof on the design page was featured on ‘Grand Designs NZ’ and 100% designed and built by Mike and Cathy (the ZeDDD team) .... because we love good design.  

Design Services Pricing

  • ZeDDD provides design services at $110 per hour plus travel and expenses (plus GST)
  • ZeDDD holds copyright over its own designs, customers own the copyright for their commissioned designs. All work undertaken by ZeDDD remains the property of ZeDDD until paid for. 

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