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Grand Designs Straw House

Mike Hodges (of ZeDDD) has designed a number of unusual houses over the past 30 years and this project is the highlight featuring curved roof and walls and built from straw and clay to create a contemporary straw bale home. 

Watch the Straw House Episode

Meet Mike and Cathy and follow their journey through building their very exciting home that is unique in its design and embraces natural building processes for their timeless beauty.  

See TV3 for the quick interview segement and gallery.

Mike is not a qualified designer or builder but has ample experience in unusual house design and building, and is happy to work with others to provide high-level designs and advice with natural building grand design projects. 

Mike Hodges
Phone: +64 (027) 4346912

122 Kaituki Ridge Lane,
Queensbery Hills 9348
New Zealand


  • PO Box 799
  • Wanaka 9343
  • New Zealand