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ZeDDD can provide quick illustrative visuals or photorealistic images to help projects move forward. Development projects often require images that depict the proposed project for getting resource consent, or visuals for a customer or investor. Proposed developments often require visual impact assessments that compare the existing views with what they will look like after completion. Photomontages are a combination of photos and illustration that are both accurate photorealistic, and can be used as evidence in environmental court hearings.

Photomontages are different to 3D rendering because 3D rendering requires all the elements to be set up as 3D models where as photomontages only use photographic images and graphics. 3D rendering works well with architecture but usually after the design work is complete. Visualisation and photomontages are usually required in the early stages of a project and rely more on high levels of artistic and visualisation skills rather than software. ZeDDD has the visualisation and artistic skills to produce high level visuals or accurate and realistic photomontages for your next project.  

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