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Welcome to ZeDDD Group

ZeDDD Group provides comprehensive design services and specialty illustration services. Design services include, brand development, signage, print media, marketing resources, and website development.
ZeDDD’s specialty illustration services include, photo montages, 2D animation, gigapan photography and graphic illustration. With over 30 years experience in an ever changing industry we will provide your business with the best solutions.


Every thing begins and ends with design, it is the place where you transform ideas into reality, from a scribble on a pad to a finished job. Great design not only has to look good but must function well across print media, signage, packaging, and also throughout all digital media. ZeDDD's many years of experience in all of these fields will provide your business  a comprehensive design strategy with clear guidelines and resources for your new image.


Our graphic illustration services cover a range of styles to suit various commercial applications. Technical illustrations are clean and structured images used to demonstrate products or processes. Cartoon illustrations are useful images for marketing or story telling. Icon illustration is simple, clean and used for web applications. Photomontages are modified photos that depict proposed developments in their existing context.


Access to the web has changed dramatically over the years from desktop computers to multiple devices with multiple channels. Your web strategy needs to be compatible and comprehensive to reach your audience. ZeDDD is working with the latest technology and will provide your business with a web solution that better connects with your customers.
We can provide you an all-inclusive web development and hosting service.


Gigapan photography is large format and wide angle photography taken with a SLR camera on a robotic arm. This method of photography is ideal for getting high quality large format images that can be used for tourism, marketing, vehicle signage, wall paper, bill boards, or even beautiful canvas prints for your home. The wide format can go to the full 360 panorama for virtual tour software applications. ZeDDD has used Gigapan photography for over 5 years and are happy to provide this service for your project.

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